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Rising from the depths of a small New Jersey suburb, Matthew Michael's path has already encountered twists and turns that make for an all but linear ride. After studying jazz guitar throughout high school under long time musician and Berklee grad Ed Cedar and jazz master Jim Kelly, Matthew decided to put music on hold and pursue a career in psychology. "It just didn't feel like it was my time...there were too many obstacles in the way, and I needed time to explore myself before I could commit to something as personally revealing as writing music. Mr. Kelly told me I would come back though, as you can never escape the desire to play once it burns inside you." Mr. Kelly turned out to be right. Throughout college, Matt enjoyed several short stints with artists and bands including Kate Dovelyn, Jamie Lee Grady, and The Neutral Dropouts. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from The College of New Jersey, Matthew changed direction again, working his way up to a management position at a prominent Trenton music club. "Those were interesting and amazing times. I was fresh out of college and eager to absorb anything I could about the industry and how it works." After a year, Matthew booked two acoustic performers Jim Gaven and Dave Sanchez who called themselves "Postmark Twain." "When I heard them, I knew I had to play with them. It was in my mind from the start." After a year of waiting, Matthew's wishes came true. Along with drummer Paul Marmo, Postmark Twain would go on to build an amazing online and in person following, playing shows across the northeast. Now, Matthew is making a change for the long run. While pursuing a career in substance abuse and addictions counseling, Matt's desire to reach people through music is greater than it ever has been before. "My goal is to make everyone believe that each and every experience counts, positive or negative. There's no turn in life that can set you back, just bumps along the way that foster growth and new insight into the heart of who you are and what it means to be human." He adds, "This one's for keeps."

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