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Random Monday

It’s late.  Not overly late, but late enough that I should be in bed sleeping to wake up adequately refreshed for work tomorrow.  For some reason I can’t sleep though, and I decided to write.

Lately I’ve had a lot of ideas running through my head.  They run in no particular direction and without a known goal, but they run fast and are fleeting enough to fortget them in a few minutes time.  For this reason, I’ve been collecting some of these thoughts in a nifty little program called EverNote that I found awhile back and just recently discovered.  You should check it out if you, too, suffer from scurrying thoughts:


Anyway, since I’m apparently too scattered as of yet to categorize these little brain trinkets into something discernable, I will spare the reader (you, I suppose) the trouble of trying to dechiper tem now.  Maybe at a later date.

I’ve been thinking a lot about reading and writing.  I’m not exactly what I’d like to read and write, but I know my brain is heading in the direction of putting something together that is suitable for mass consumption (10-12 people will do just fine).  I just feel like I need to do something a bit bigger than what I’ve been doing as of late (which is not much of anything, as it turns out, when it pertains to writing words or music).  I have this amazingly terrible desire to reach people, as much as one human can reach another, with something meaningful and honest and true.  Whether that is entirely possible, I don’t fully know, but the amygdala in my brain seems to light up with intense passion whenever I think about it, and I feel that its the right thing to shoot for. 

I think this drive has to do with some inate desire that I have to understand people.  Maybe, its actually a desire to understand myself, but I think listening to others and having them define themselves is as close as I’ll ever get to understanding where these thoughts appear from in my own head.

Do you ever have a vision of how you would like your life to be, but realize about 10 seconds into it that its not possible?  I think a bit of that is going on now and its painful the truth might be.  My brain is making up for the hassle of thinking clearly by formulating nonsenical ideas to compensate for the very honest things that scare me. 

I’m considering posts about health care, volunteerism, capitalism, socialism, freedom, music, poetry, meaning, and life.  I have ideas on all of these things, and I believe that they might actually be worthwhile, but my thoughts on the aforementioned topics, or anything else worthwhile, are so fleeting that capturing the images that run through my head seems harder than beating Pacman((r)?).   Maybe I should just talk into a microphone and post that, although I dont know if anyone will actually be interested in listening (including me).  On the other hand, what are blogs for if they are not for opening one’s mind for the rest of the world to see, in all its raw and unpolished glory.

I’m not going to read this before I post it, because otherwies it would never be posted.  Maybe its because its late and I’m not really making too much of an effort to consolidate my thoughts into coherent sentences or ideas.  Maybe this is just how my brain works and I am being as honest as possible.  Maybe I just need to type things out to get them out of my eager head so I can go to sleep for a few hours before waking up for another day of racing thoughts.


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Folk Rock Goodness

So I thought I’d start posting some of my favorite tunes every once in awhile for your listening enjoyment (of course, I’m not posting the actual songs, but a trip to youtube will help you with the listening part 😉

The first one I’ll post is a selection of my favorite laid back tunes for the heart and soul.  Some are more upbeat, some aren’t folk rock at all, but I couldn’t think of any other category for the bunch of them, so here it is.

  1. After The Gold Rush – Neil Young – Greatest Hits –
  2. Heartbeats – Jose Gonzalez – Veneer –
  3. Black Sheep Boy – Okkervil River – Black Sheep Boy –
  4. The Lights of Home – Bela Fleck – Fusion – (Couldn’t find this one on youtube)
  5. It’s Only Your Life – Kevin Devine – Daytrotter Sessions –
  6. Red Right Ankle – The Decemberists – Her Majesty –
  7. The Wind – Cat Stevens – Greatest Hits –
  8. America – Simon & Garfunkel – The Very Best of Simon and Garfunkle: Tales from New York –
  9. At The Bottom of Everything – Bright Eyes – I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning –
  10. Passing Afternoon – Iron and Wine – Our Endless Numbered Days –
  11. Long Way Home – Tom Waits – Orphans –
  12. Each Coming Night – Iron and Wine – Our Endless Numbered Days –
  13. Girl From the North Country – Bob Dylan – The Freewheelin Bob Dylan –
  14. Twilight – Elliott Smith – From a Basement On the Hill –
  15. Bleecker Street – Simon & Garfunkel – The Essential Simon & Garfunkel –
  16. To Take You Home – Frank Turner – Love Ire & Song –

There you have it, a list (far from exhaustive) of folky rocky songs that I enjoy when my brain is on its edge and I’m feeling a bit introspective.  There are far too many to mention, and 16 of these songs seems but a small sampling of my favorites, but I hope you enjoy checking them out and check back for some more playlists (hopefully I’ll actually make some more 🙂


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