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I usually don’t write anything this early, mainly because it takes me all day to think of something decent to say (or in the case of this blog, a week or two). However, I just watched an amazingly beautiful short video created by a talented individual by the name of William Hoffman, and I thought I’d share it with you.

I saw the video, “Moments,” as part of a running series that has been meditating on death on WNYC’s RadioLab (an amazing show in its own right). “Moments” doesn’t need much explanation, other than you should watch it, so without further ado, here it is:

I hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful rest of the day.

Think happy thoughts 🙂


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Well, I have been home now for a bit over a week and have neglected to wrap up my traveling experiences.  It has, no doubt, been a rather eventful week home, traveling to Delaware and then to Boston for some extra time on the road.  I had delightful times at each, but I feel that I must first discuss the end of my month (and a little extra) long journey.

For starters, it seems that I often have a hard time, or just neglect, finishing things.  I have a multitute of songs I write, but never finish, and myriad ideas that run through my mind but never come to fruition.  As with this blog, that I have neglected to write on for that past few weeks, I feel that I often find myself moving on to the next project before the one at hand is complete.

Whether this be a simple habit or a consequence of my rambling mind and all the things that swirl through it at any given moment, I think there is an inkling of unease with the concept of having an “end result.”  That is to say, I seem to cherish the “process” more than the “product,” and may in fact unconciously but very purposefully leave thoughts, ideas, and projects such as this one lingering as to not close the door on future progress.  If you never finish something, there is always the chance of returning to it, modifying it, adding to its life and movement.

I will return to this thought in a moment, but I must first touch on the last segment of our traveling.

I believe I left off in Minneapolis, so that’s where I will begin.  We spent two nights there enjoying the comforts of our friend Ian’s abode.  We spent the majority of time relaxing, as traveling was finally getting to us, but we did go out to enjoy some wonderful Pakistani food at a local market.  We also got to see Pawn America, one of the most commercialized pawn shops (and one of the most expensive) that I’ve ever seen.  Culver’s was another stop that we made in Minneapolis, and although I don’t eat red meat, I was told that the burgers are delicious 🙂

From Minneapolis we traveled to Chicago.  Although we didn’t have too much time there, we did have a chance to wander around the city and explore the parks and many art displays, which included towering digital displays with real faces shooting water out of their mouths (I know it sounds strange but I’m sure an image is available if googled).  Bret hung out with his friend Liz, who we were staying with, while I wandered off to meet up with a fellow couchsurfer, Mina.  We met at Buddy Guy’s Legends, a blues bar in the area, and enjoyed an open jam that was taking place.  I sat next to an older fellow wearing a straw hat drinking heinekins, and unfortunately neglected to realize that it was the one and only Buddy Guy before it was too late…quite exciting in hindsight!

After hanging out a bit there, we headed to another jazz bar to catch the last song played by an AMAZING three piece, bass, drums and guitar.  We parted ways for the evening and Mina drove me back to Liz’s for the night (thanks Mina!)

The next morning we headed to Cleveland, only to get there as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame closed.  Since we had no place to stay and we really couldn’t find anything else to do in the city, Bret called up a few friends in Pittsburgh who we met up with for a lovely dinner.  They let us stay in the gorgeous castle (literally) apartment for the night to rest up for our drive home.

The final day was all driving, but we did get to meet up in Hershey with a highschool friend Amisha.  She is in med school and has been out there for a few years, so it was really great to have a chance to catch up.  We enjoyed a great lunch and some wonderful, freshly made hand dipped donuts before heading home and completing our trip!  Here’s some stats for your information:

Dates: June 20, 2009 – July 23, 2009
Starting Mileage: 88,333
Ending Mileage: 98,677 (Total 10,344)
Average MPG: 31.06
Average Miles Per Day: 304.2
Average Cost of Fuel Per Day: $26.11
Total Cost of Fuel: $887.88
Average Cost Per Gallon: $2.66
Number of States we Traveled Through: 26

We as humans are constantly changing, modyfing and reinventing ourselves to change the story that will be told after we are gone.  The actions that we take now dictate the final product that will be left when we have ceased to exist.  As we are born, live, and die, so do the artistic masterpieces that we enjoy.  Artists have to face death everytime the last stroke lands on the canvas, the last note is recorded into memory.  This, however, breeds life for others, as memories are born again and again for all future to enjoy.  I suppose this is why I have a knack for not finishing things…I enjoy the process and don’t like to see it end.  This however, is necessary to enjoy the beauty of what has been created, to leave your role as “artist” and begin to see what you have created as “spectator.”  Finishing this trip was an accomplishment that I will not soon forget, and I encourage you to enjoy each and every moment of every journey that you take through life.

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