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I’m Dying

I’m dying.
Every day, the cells that bind me together disintegrate into their loosely associated molecular mixtures, tied delicately to the energy that makes my mind and body run. Every day, pieces of you and me fall victim to cuts and scrapes, gravity and wrinkles, time and distance. The things that give us hope for our futures slowly become realities of present quickly moving into memories of the past. The sacrifice of cells means so much more than just this bitter truth.
I’m living.
My cells divide and meiosis and mitosis and creation and formation of energy generates action in my body. I create and explore and commit and cave and capture and collapse and hate and love. I feel and touch and taste and see and hear. I believe that I am free and my hands affirm this truth with every touch of skin and lips and legs and chest and breasts and bones. I’m alone but together with the rest of the world. This is my experience. This is our lives.

Nebula - NASA Hubble Image


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